Substance of Power

Installation and Performance

In a dimmed space, a lavish banquet is being prepared. Under soft red lights, miniatures of historical artefacts are presented next to neuron-shaped ceramic dishes and cutlery. Some of the objects are void-black, sucking in all the light, while others are of alluring silver. 

The banquet table is covered by piles of vermillion-red sand. Architectural elements representing power are slowly crumbling over the course of the exhibition.Glossy ceramic ‘Loose Lips’ placed on crystal platters are whispering the table gossip and rumours. 

When power slips through one’s hand like sand, when greed for a colour drives one mad, when hunger for strength makes one eat poison – the spatial installation ‘Substance of Power’ delves into these moments of extremes and allows to take a fleeting glimpse at these most curious struggles of control and domination. 

‘Substance of Power’ is Gosia Lehmann’s and Valerian Blos’ ongoing research, examining the relationship between chemical substances and different forms of power. 

The exhibition was activated by a diner-performance at Hošek Contemporary 2023. 


With contributions from:

Andy King

Theresa Reimann-Dubbers 

Matias Loikala

Gabriel Kleber

Maryna Makarenko 

Cristina Negucioiu

Gosia Lehmann & Maria Vass