Into the Second Dust Bowl

Installation / Speculative Design

Commissioned from Collactive Materials as Part of the AIRBOUND Exhibition from 19th October – 9. November 2023 at CLB Berlin. 
In this installation, one’s personal smartphone becomes a recording device. After a two minute round trip, the visitor can rewatch their personal souvenir video from the Second Dust Bowl. 
Placed in the so-called overshoot period, the time beyond the currently agreed limit of 1.5°C of global warming, the interactive installation shows everyday situations and processes of adaptation to new climatic conditions of strong heat and heavy sand storms. 
In the style of a western theme park – Into the second Dust Bowl, testifies to the loss of stable ecological conditions and melancholically reflects an unstable future back on our present days. 
Here, new everyday strategies, rituals and business ideas emerge from extreme weather situations. Large scale technological climate interventions determine the reality of everyday life. 
Such approaches are already being implemented in research and industrial projects under the banner of geoengineering. These technologically motivated attempts at regulating the weather can have unknown consequences – a risk we might need to take sooner than one might expect. 


Technical Support:

Gyujin Lee


Video and Graphic Support: 

Gosia Lehmann

Image Credits:
Gosia Lehmann & Michelle Mantel