Valerian Blos (*1990, Frankfurt/Main) practice combines tools from the digital realm, mixes them with analog craftsmanship, and creates new materialities.


The artifacts and speculations from his work are exploring emerging technologies and societal issues of tomorrow. In this context, he positions himself between the borders of art, science, and design, using design as a tool for criticism and reflection. By forming and changing the features of matter and objects, he is able to question current models, systems and achieve disruption.


Valerian graduated 2018 from the University of Arts Berlin.


Since 2022 he is assistant professor for the fundamentals of design and new media in visual communication. In his teaching, he negotiates questions of new intermaterialities: what happens when material is no longer tangible? When it disappears or becomes imaginary? New methods of interdisciplinary design and practice-based research are developed and tested together with students.


Since 2015, he realised projects for institutions such as TAMA Art University Tokyo, CYENS Cyprus, Berlin Natural History Museum, Fraunhofer Institute, Futurium Berlin, Klassik Stiftung Weimar or Max Planck Institute Jena. Most of those projects in close collaboration with Gosia Lehmann.


He is a co-founder and member of Solaris Space, an independent studio and project space with a focus on new media.


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2021: INITIAL – Stipendium der Jungen Akademie, Akademie der Künste

2019: Creative Prototyping – das Berliner Startup Stipendium an der UdK Berlin with our Project “Denkigami”



2010-2015: Visual Communication (Bachelor) University of Arts, Berlin
→ 2011-2012: Studio Class New Media, Prof. Kora Kimpel
→ 2012-2015: Advanced New Media Class, Prof. Joachim Sauter
2017-2018: M.A Visual Communication UdK Berlin


Selected Positions

Since 2019: Assistant Professor, New Media & Foundations Study Visual Communication, Universität der Künste

2017-2018: Tutor at „Audiovisual Media“ and «meta-dating» for Prof. Klaus Gasteier (University of Arts)


Tutor for Mechatronic and Lasercutting Workshop (University of Arts)

2015-2017: Process design and transformative methods at Fraunhofer Center for Responsible Research

2012-2015: Tutor at „Audiovisual Media“ and «meta-dating» for Prof. Klaus Gasteier (University of Arts)

Since 2015: Freelance Interactiondesign


Selected Freelance Projects

2019: “Museum für Naturkunde Berlin”: Exhibition Design for ErbUndGut Supermarkt

2018: „Staatliche Museen zu Berlin“:

Workshop Guidance at the „Sommercamp 2018“

2018: Mentor at the „Make Your School“ Hackathon Series for „Wissenschaft im Dialog“

2018: „Futurium Berlin“ (Museum of the Future) – Werkstattwochen & Lange Nacht der Museen: Pop-Up Workshop: „Power Station“

2017-2018: University of Bolzano: UX/UI Design: „Global News Diversifier“

2017: „Staatliche Museen zu Berlin“: Workshop Guidance and Concept for the Educational Programm „Alchemistenküche“



2019: “Disaster Workshop”: Lagoon Parliament Collective Launch Festival

2018: „Staatliche Museen zu Berlin“: Workshop Guidance at the „Sommercamp 2018“

2018: Mentor at the „Make Your School“ Hackathon Series for „Wissenschaft im Dialog“ at different schools around Germany

2017: University of Arts Berlin, ‘This is not a Drill!’

2017: Workshop supervison, “Alchemistry the Great Art”, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin

2016: Designtransfer Berlin, Living Objects
Speculations Workshop – Tama Art University Tokyo

2015: Living Objects: Synthetic Biology

2015: Break the Ice with Synthetic Biology – Symbosium from the German Society for Design Research

2014: Down into the Testtube – iGEM Berlin


Selected Exhibitions

2018: Push Conference Munich
2015: Tama Art University, Tokyo: Livivg Objects
2015: International Design Festival  / New Talents: Synthetic Bio Design
2014: Hybrid Plattform Showcase: Rethinking Prototyping
2014: Designtransfer: Farewell, sweet Memories
2014: Kasseler Dokumentar und Video Festival / Monitoring: Farewell, sweet Memories



– designtransfer Rückblick 2011-2016

Weeknote for Hybrid-Plattform Berlin 2015
Interview for ZEIT Online about Quantified Self (German)

– Goethe Insitut

– :output 15 – the world’s best student work in the 2012