Tactile Objects & Pop-Up Installation

We printed on paper with real silver to teach kids about electronics!


Our studio was commissioned by Futurium Berlin to realize a pop-up workshop about the future of energy. 


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How energy could be self-produced by learning from animals? Inspired by nature’s solutions we created lively paper characters to speculate about alternative energy sources and teach the basics of electronics. 

Welcome to the ‘Power Station’-  a place where platypuses are hunting for electricity, electric-eels are doing a jiggly dance and firefly-bugs lighting up in all RGB colors! These are the Energy Harvesters: little electro-creatures, hybrids between animals and machines. Each of them likes different environment and reacts to different conditions.


We invited participants of all ages to bring the Energy Harvesters to life and explore a playful world of paper-electronics.

Hand printed with conductive silver ink and equipped with simple electronic components, the harvester where build and tested form the participants . 




Energy Harvester

Techno Unagi 3.5V

Techno Unagi is a very jiggly type- it turns light energy into shaky dance.

When direct light shines on it’s belly the vibration motor starts to jiggle.


Energy Harvester

Riko Electrico LX

Riko Electrico loves to flow in the air. Wind and the movement of the wings help it to produce light and to shine in all the RGB colors.




Energy Harvester

Platybuzz 2000-R

Platybuzz loves to sniff for electricity. Once it senses electro-magnetic field it makes peculiar squeaky ’whistle sound’. Visitors could test it on the landscape, in which underground electro-magnetic fields are hidden.



In collaboration with: Gosia Lehmann & Jin Lee


Photo Credits: Andy King