Can’t touch this!


In collaboration with students from the University of Arts Berlin, I took the opportunity to experiment with materials we can’t touch.


In summersemester 2020, my course the Experimental Labor Digital at the University of Arts Berlin, became a testing ground for experimenting with volatile and fragile matter such as breath, soap, light and temperature.


In these strange times, I wanted to raise awareness of new materialities and conduct experiments at the outer edge of the tangible.


In an online exhibitions, each student curated their own website to present concepts and results of their experiments:


Many thanks to all participants:

Janik Dietz

Johanna Rummel

Mattia Friso

Agata Hörttrich

Niklas Thran

Anna Babchuk

Nora Ali

Zoe Spehr

Dain Park

Thomas Kuhn

Paulina Hoffmann