Living Objects: Workshops


In collaboration with Gosia Lehmann


Living Objects was a research project in a form of workshops and exhibitions. It explored the means of living and dead in a context of materiality and technology.
Through alternative scenarios and imagining further applications of synthetically created organisms we encouraged a debate on this rather delicate subject.
The first edition of this workshop took place at TAMA University in Tokyo.
The results from the Berlin edition have been presented during the UdK Rundgang (21-24 July).

Living Objects

The workshop’s main idea was to discuss the borders between living and dead matter in the context of industrial production and daily life. Using the techniques of story telling and rapid prototyping we were speculating on the impact of bio-engineering and synthetic biology on our behaviours and ethical norms. By taking a closer look at human-object interactions we reflected on how we objectify living organisms and how we become attached to non-living objects.